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Since its founding in September 2009, Astilbe Group has experienced six (6) years of growth and improvement to meet the needs of small businesses trying to obtain a Federal procurement contract. Our consultancy firm started with a small investment and an idea of offering small businesses procedural solutions for winning the Federal Government as a customer and securing the government agency for repeated business.

2009: Offered a portfolio of proposal management services

2010: Expanded its portfolio to include contract management services

2011: Hosted interactive workshops as well as the Contracts, Connections, and Coffee (C3) Learning Series

2012: Launched installations of work-flow and -space solutions for funding development

2013: Expanded workforce to include a certified Project Management Professional and Grant Writer

2014: Formed partnerships with technology-based companies 

2015: Expanded its portfolio to include research grant writing services

We continue to develop our portfolio of highly valued, well-respected services to ensure the company’s continued success and innovation.