Contracts, Connections, & Coffee Writer’s Workshop (C3W2)
Have you spent long hours writing a proposal for a Federal business opportunity only to find out that you lost the bid? Do you dread writing your first (or next) Technical Proposal?   Are cost/price proposals a bit confusing? If this is the year that your company is pursuing Federal business contracts then the C3W2 series will help you create a more focused plan that actively helps you capture the Federal government as a new customer. All CW2 workshop attendees will:

  • Learn how your organization can do business with the Federal Government. The 1 hour seminar focuses on the fundamentals of pursuing contracting opportunities with the Federal government by understanding the policies, processes, customers, and opportunities.
  • Work on your own proposals.  The 6 hour writer’s workshop allows you to get a faster start on completing your Technical and Cost/Price Proposals by working in-person with a professional consultant.

Consultation Offerings 

Astilbe Group provides small businesses with a systematic approach to government contracting by providing tools and training that enable the organization to efficiently complete pre-award activities, written proposals, and post-award activities.

Pre-award activities

  • Bid Board Criteria and Evaluation Development
  • Capture Management Strategy
  • Teaming Partners and Subcontractors Identification

Proposal preparation

  • Proposal Management
  • Review of Clauses, Terms & Conditions
  • Targeted Narrative for Technical Proposal
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Targeted Narrative for Cost/Business Proposal
  • Proposal Review

Post-award activities

  • Contract Administration Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Development
  • Curriculum Development and Training
  • Program and Contract Management Support