Ingrid Riesinger, Ph.D.

I have worked with a number of different companies and I have seen the debilitating effect of less than stellar employees.  In my years of working with Dr. Elizabeth Peters, I can tell you that the level of competence, professionalism, and integrity she brings to the team would lift any company in any industry to a higher level.   She provides very clear and precisely written information about the development of molecular diagnostics so we can understand the details of a particular technology to make an investment decision.

Ingrid Riesinger, Ph.D.Biotechnology ConsultantGermany
Rodney Hill

I am pleased to have this opportunity to speak on behalf of Elizabeth Peters of the Astilbe Group. Elizabeth has provided us with a remarkable depth of material in support of a government-funding proposal that we’ve been struggling with. She patiently studied our outline and notes and very promptly returned a plan with multiple channels of approach to various funding entities. 

Elizabeth generously contributed her time and talent to understand the many disparate features of our proposal as well as creatively interpret them for applications suitable to the granting organization. Her ability to comprehend both our technical details and their potential applications, even to areas that we had not yet discussed or considered, is remarkable. 

Elizabeth provided us with over 100 pages of potential direction that she was able to extract from the plethora of documentation available. She then shared her own guidance for our proceeding to develop our own multi-phased request strategy. I have learned to greatly value her highlighter that provided us with the necessary focus and direction within the great body of available text. Elizabeth is a detail-oriented professional with a gracious and nurturing manner. It was a pleasure to work with her on this project and I look forward to our next opportunity to do so.

Rodney HillPartnerRapidware, Inc.
Dalia Cohen Ph.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Peters at the Astilbe Group has provided valuable scientific counsel and Federal funding knowledge to the Asterand Scientific Leadership Team.  From writing scientific content presented at scientific meetings to walking us through the complicated process of applying for Federal grants and contracts, Elizabeth has enabled us to reach a new level.  Thanks to her insight, counsel, and focus, Asterand has achieved remarkable success in just one year.

Dalia Cohen Ph.D.Chief Scientific OfficerAsterand, plc
Carol P. Michaelides, MBA

Our experience with Dr. Peters and The Astilbe Group has been exceptionally positive. Her services provide very high value for resources spent and I can recommend the Astilbe Group without reservation.

As a small company, we were faced with the daunting task of applying for GSA certification and shortly thereafter, responding to an extensive RFP through the U.S. Navy.  Dr. Peters patiently and professionally walked us through an overview of the Federal Government purchasing system, identified the possible entry points for a company with our products and services, then dove into the details of our internal requirements and proposal writing.

Dr. Peters quickly developed a deep understanding of our products and market position and was able to articulate that understanding through both written and spoken word.  Together, we completed two major submissions to the Federal Government in a very short period of time. She took us from overwhelmed to confident and competent that we are poised to contract to the Federal Government.

She demonstrates a caring commitment to her clients and truly partners with them to deliver the desired results.

Carol P. Michaelides, MBAVice President/Co-FounderPendaran, Inc.
Megan Torrance

When I was invited to bid on a military solicitation, I had never pursued the government or military contracting market and really didn’t know where (or whether!) to start. Elizabeth Peters sat down with me, gave me a clear & concise picture of the process, and helped me get organized to prepare my bid. Her research, contacts and insights were invaluable to me as I made my way through the process to a successful proposal submission. She’s an organized, thorough and calming influence on the entire process of working with the government.

Megan TorranceCEO & PresidentTorranceLearning
Victoria M. Blanc, Ph.D.

Astilbe Group has been an excellent resource for Asterand in our endeavors to secure federal contracts.  I have worked directly with Dr. Elizabeth Peters, who was invaluable to me as we launched our strategy for government business acquisition.  Dr. Peters performed as an “embedded consultant,” reporting to me, directly managing the proposal process and coordinating staff to complete writing assignments.   A particular and extremely valuable skill of Dr. Peters is to create a strong sense of urgency while maintaining a constructive working relationship with employees contributing to the project.  This is especially important as deadlines loom and stress levels can run high – Dr. Peters’ work ethic and professionalism allayed these concerns.  Her efforts have directly affected our ability to successfully win government contract bids.

Dr. Peters is my go-to for any of my government contracts questions.  She is knowledgeable about the process of government contract proposals and lucid in her explanations of the often convoluted ways to work with the government.  On top of all of this, Dr. Peters is a pleasure to work with.  I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Victoria M. Blanc, Ph.D.General Manager, Detroit OperationsAsterand US Acquisition Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stemgent Inc.
Robin M. Hereford

Dr. Peters and the Astilbe Group are the most dependable, competent and efficient consultants we’ve had the pleasure of working with on multiple government proposals.  This is an excellent company that’s very focused on tasks and willing to handle the tough projects from A to Z.   Dr. Peters has excellent leadership qualities and is also extremely knowledgeable in costing and pricing proposal development.  She is a problem solver and works very hard to help small businesses win contracts.  This is the reason why I would strongly recommend the Astilbe Group to any company wanting to do business with the federal government.  Thank you Astilbe Group for your outstanding support!

Robin M. HerefordPresident & CEOSynchronized Logistics & Technology Corp.